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The home of Exeter Target Rifle Shooting


About Us

The University of Exeter Rifle Club (UOERC) is a student-run Target Rifle (TR) shooting club. Our aim is to promote engagement in rifle shooting for everyone, no matter your background. Whether you've never touched a rifle before, or are a seasoned pro, there's a space for you in our welcoming community.

Our Committee is made up of a range of passionate people. From members 
who started the sport at University, to those who have been shooting since the age of 14, and are now shooting for team GB. You can meet all of us here!

What do we do, exactly?

With our 100+ strong membership, we're always up to something, whether this is training new shooters at our idyllic smallbore range in the beautiful rolling hills of Dartmoor, or getting ready for our national championships. 

We shoot 'smallbore' and 'fullbore', both are 'prone' (laying down) shooting disciplines and are completely gender neutral, meaning men and women compete against one another in the same class. 


Smallbore refers to shooting .22 calibre ammunition, usually at 25 yards. For this we use a single shot .22 rifle. Fullbore is shot with .308 Winchester (7.62 x 51) rounds. These are larger and slightly more expensive, but can reach up to 1000 yards, where variables such as wind, rain, and even the curvature of the earth come into play when trying to hit the 'bull' (the centre of the target). 

We shoot using target rifles - these are conventional single shot rifles in every sense, but are fitted with 'open' sights. This means the shooter must line up their rifle with a circular target without relying on telescopic scopes seen on some rifles. This provides an exciting challenge for shooters to keep their breathing, body position and aim all in check before firing their shot.

On top of all this shooting fun, we also offer amazing socials. We take inclusivity and enjoyment extremely seriously. We offer both sober and non-sober socials and have several amazing social and welfare secretaries on hand to ensure you always get the most out of our socials. To find out more about Fullbore, Smallbore or our amazing Socials, check out the buttons below!  

NB: We shoot live firearms and as such take security, safety and vetting incredibly seriously. All range sessions are overseen by at minimum one NRA qualified Range Safety Officer (RSO). We follow stringent safety standards and all members are expected to adhere to these at all times. Before any new shooters are allowed to hold a firearm, a comprehensive classroom session and safety briefing is provided. All new members or prospective members must sign and agree to Section 21 of the 1968 Firearms Act, which indicates they have not been imprisoned, before they are allowed to shoot. 

Get in Touch

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If you want to get in touch about starting target shooting, or just to get to know us a little better, please feel free to fill out the form above, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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